The Top 10 Reasons Every Website Needs an Explainer Video

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1. Increase conversions, opt-ins and sales

First and foremost, the main goal of digital marketing is to get clients. Videos are the most powerful way to do it online. There are too many studies to list here that show just how effective videos are. But Crazy Egg recently found that a video at the top of their landing page increased sales by 64%.

2. Clarify and demonstrate your USP

It’s been proven countless times that people learn and retain information much better from an audio-visual experience than from reading. Video equals higher viewer retention. The information retained in one minute of online video is equal to about 1.8 million written words.

3. Connect better with customers and create more interest in your business

Videos create a personalised experience and humanise your brand in an engaging way. This creates an emotional response from the viewer and makes them feel connected with your brand. A video makes your website a fun place to visit, text makes it feel more like a chore.

Video on Mobile

4. Improve your SEO

Static content and text hurts your SEO. We could spend hours boring you with the facts about Google’s algorithms but the fact of the matter is, videos rank pages much higher on Google. A web page with a video is 50x more likely to rank on the first page of google. People stay on webpages longer that have videos, this also boosts your SEO. Furthermore, Youtube is the second biggest search engine on the internet, you can’t be on Youtube without videos.

5. Videos are 100% mobile friendly

The future is mobile, tablets, mobile phones, watches… what next!? Well the trend is clearly pointing towards the internet becoming more and more mobile for the foreseeable future. Videos are 100% mobile friendly on any device.


6. Going viral

Videos are the most sharable content available. Anyone can share a video on any different platform they like. If a video goes viral, you’ve hit the digital marketing jackpot. When was the last time you heard of a text article going viral? This can work wonders for your web traffic and turn a small start-up into a huge multi-national success in no time.

7. Improve your brand awareness

A video tells your story from person to person. There is no effort involved on the part of the viewer, unlike when they have to read through blocks of text. A video can show off your culture and brand equity by matching the style and colour schemes of your company and website. This engages an emotional response from the viewer, making them connect on a much deeper level to your business.


8. Less effort for the visitors

Online marketing 101 teaches that the call to action of your website, whether it be a sale, capturing an email address or following another link, should involve as little effort as possible on the part of the visitor. Reading through streams of text, following links and looking at images all involves much more effort than sitting back, relaxing and watching an entertaining video.

9. Increase website traffic

Videos generate more traffic, not only through the SEO and sharing as mentioned above. But through creating and increasing interest in your brand and products, services or app. Cisco found that by 2017, 70% of all global internet traffic will be through video.

10. Generate huge ROI

At the end of the day, all things considered, an animated explainer video can pay for itself 10 times over. It is a one-time investment that can sit on your website generating sales or interest for you without you having to be there. Google found that videos are 40% more cost effective than other marketing methods.

…Still reading? Congratulations! You’re one of the 1% of people that still reads to the end of long streams of text without watching a video.

No matter what business you are in, in this generation, you will rely heavily on your website/online presence to bring in revenue, or at least educate your target audience.

Many companies will spend £xxxx on a website, update posts regularly, add in pretty new images and sell their products. But how often do you go onto a website and have the time to read through it all?

“In 2000 the average attention span was 12 seconds, but this has now fallen to just eight. The goldfish is believed to be able to maintain a solid nine.”

You are faced with having to stand out, quicker than ever before. When you scroll down your news feed on Facebook, do you read more articles than watching video? I think we all know the answer.

This is what your targeted prospects do when they are searching for your products/services… We are creatures of habit.

You NEED a video which will explain your business concept, products, services and solutions in an engaging way. This is best way to educate your audience and ultimately influence them to buy.

Visit to learn more!

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