Case Study: The Sequal Trust – The Power of Explainer Videos for Charities

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The service provided by Platinum Videos couldn’t be beaten, actually turning out to be even better than anticipated!

Who are they?

The Sequal Trust are charity who provide support and financial assistance for disabled people who need specialist communications equipment. Endorsed by Stephen Hawking himself, The Sequal Trust strive to bridge the communications gap for disabled people and empower them to unlock their inner voice.

What did they want to achieve?

The main reason The Sequal Trust wanted an animated explainer video was to help reach out to the families of the people who needed them the most. However, this crucial and life-changing work couldn’t be achieved without the continued support of their generous donors, so they wanted the video to engage more people who might get involved with the charity in different ways.

How did we do it?

Consultation: We had a chat with The Sequal Trust to get to the heart of what they are trying to achieve and more importantly, how we can bring that to life!

They clearly took the time to thoroughly research our website information and listened to what we asked for.

Using our new found understanding and shared passion for their cause, we set upon a journey of handcrafting their tailor made video. This began with a script, which was written in a clear and engaging way, keeping in mind their target audience of people who might need their services.

Script: In order to make a sensitive subject more easy to understand and less daunting, we decided to tell the story of a fictional character called Sarah. Sarah was based on the typical kind of person who would have their lives changed by The Sequal Trust. People can watch the video and relate to Sarah, seeing first hand her journey to a happier future.

Audio: We chose a warm and friendly English voiceover to narrate Sarah’s story as if it was told by The Sequal Trust themselves. This was paired with some upbeat and calming music to set the tone of the video as one that is exciting but relaxing.

Storyboard: We then provided a storyboard to The Sequal Trust which showed each scene of the video in detail and allowed us to work closely with them to fine-tune the animation with unlimited revisions to get the perfect illustration of Sarah’s story.

Animation: Using the storyboard, we used cutting-edge animation to bring the storyboard to life. This was timed to match the script, voiceover and music in a way that demonstrated and engages the benefits and the important work of The Sequal Trust.

The results exceeded our hopes and we are absolutely delighted with the finished product.

Delivery & Support: We have supported The Sequal Trust to implement the video onto their website in a way that will engage people the most. Going forward, we are going to keep track of their video analytics and feedback to allow us to work together to optimise the ROI on the video and help The Sequal Trust to achieve their future goals.

The team couldn’t be more friendly and helpful and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to provide a very useful, exciting and valuable service.

If you are a charity or business looking to reach out to people in an exciting new way, please do not hesitate to check out our website and get in touch for a free consultation on how we can help you!

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