Everyone Wants a Business Video, But Not Everyone Can Make a Business Video

By November 23, 2016Uncategorized
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Everyone wants to reap the rewards of having a business video, but not anyone can make them, or better said, make a high-quality video. Your video needs to match your overall marketing strategy and business objectives.

Are you daring enough to create your own video without experience? That’s brave! But read on before doing so…


Video Content Is: Vital In Today’s World!

When thinking of ‘old school’ marketing campaigns, video doesn’t tend to rank high, BUT it certainly does now! Video is THE essential tool for any marketer that wants to truly bolster their content strategy.

Not a big company with a small marketing budget? Doesn’t matter, explainer videos are great for small, medium and large business, and everyone is starting to take advantage. You can make an ad-hoc video for a marketing campaign or even produce multiple videos throughout the year to improve your SEO, brand awareness and increase your conversions!

BUT to make an explainer video which is potent, highly converting and visually appealing, you need a professional team, capable of producing each important aspect of your explainer video.

Hmmm… maybe you’re thinking…


“What About Home-Made Videos?”

Videos can be made and placed on all types of social media, so you might be thinking about an Instagram video, or a Snapchat video…But this is VERY different to a high-quality explainer video campaign! You will feel the heat in the kitchen and you need a professional team that can create a quality script, concise voice over, quality story-board and flowing animation.



4 Key Benefits a Professional Explainer Video Company Will Offer

If you want high-quality, engaging, converting and original video content for your marketing campaign that speaks directly to your audience, then a professional explainer video company is the right choice for you and your business!

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  1. Professionalism


The differences between a professional job and a home-made job are noticeable with any piece of work usually, right? With an explainer video, you will notice this in every single detail, from the script, voice-over, story-board, transitions to the animation itself and the finished product.

Here at Platinum Videos we are always prepared to create high quality video content that will dazzle your audience and achieve your marketing goals. STOP producing videos for the sake of it, make them fit in with your business objectives!

Now, it’s all about the…


  1. Creativity

All companies have different unique selling points, goals, expectations and budgets. We work with a variety. This pushes us to be innovative, finding new ways to create engaging content and context in every video we make. We like to think of ourselves as expert story tellers, we will find a powerful way to convey your businesses story to your audience.


  1. Team

Without a great team, it is difficult to produce great results. Your expectations are very important to us and we work to exceed them on every project. We want your audience to be just as passionate and excitable about your business as you are. So, we get passionate to make it happen!


Now the most important part…


  1. Cost-Effectiveness

Would you really take the risk of creating a home-made video? Don’t jeopardise your brands image and message. Your explainer video is a representation of your service or Solution.

Our packages are competitive and will be cost-efficient compared to the poor alternative of home-made creation.

Why not have your business video created by professionals?

This is the best way to ensure your video will put your business in a shining light and convey your business story in the most positive and engaging way.

You really should consider it!


We have a FREE script and Sales Copy Guide available on our website, http://platinumvideos.uk/ this will help you when thinking about your explainer video!

If you have any questions or hesitations, please drop us an email at info@platinumvideos.uk or give us a call on 07501093215.

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