9 Unique Types of Demo Video for Startups

Demo Video for Startups

So you’re thinking of using video content to help market comaskq
your new startup?



Demo videos for startups are one of the most powerful ways to launch a digital marketing campaign.  Choosing the right type of demo video to suit your startup is crucial and going to have a huge impact on how successful you are.

We’ve put together 9 unique types of demo videos you can choose from, and talked about the benefits of each and which would be right for you.

  1. Screencast
  2. Kinetic Typography
  3. Whiteboard Animation
  4. Infographic Animation
  5. Character Animation
  6. 3D Animation
  7. IOS Demo
  8. Music Based
  9. Live Action


Now, let’s look at each one in turn….


#1 Screencast

Screencast videos are one of the easiest and cheapest types of videos to create. They can be animated or you can simply record the screen while using your software or app.

They are best to use when walking people through a process, such as showing them how to use your product or teaching people to do something.

They can also be very effective as ‘member area’ or support videos for current and past clients, they don’t necessarily need to be sales based!

Remember: Teaching sells! If you can teach someone something, they are much more likely to buy from you.



  • Use free screen recording software such as Screencast
  • You can record your own voice over if you have a good quality voice and microphone, or use annotations to narrate the video
  • Use some stock background music to ensure that the video is not boring
  • You could record a slideshow made in Powerpoint or Prezi to give the video a real premium animated feel for almost no cost!
  • You may want to invest in voice over artists or better editor/recording software for a very high quality video


#2 Kinetic Typography

Typography alone can be very powerful, especially when sharing a deeper emotional message, such as inspirational speeches or quotes. The typography simply annotates a voice over and transitions in creative ways. It can be a very powerful way of captivating people to some audio content.

Typography effectively converts audio content to video content, making it much more effective and shareable.


  • Again, you can do this yourself using software, however you may need to purchase some software such as Adobe After Effects
  • A cheaper option is to use presentation and screen capture software
  • You might choose to hire an explainer video production company to ensure you create a high-quality video
  • The typography needs to have creative and captivating transitions to maintain the attention of the viewer, as you don’t have as much animation involved in the video

Warning: Some studios might try to charge very high prices for typography videos, but it is important to remember that they should be generally a lot cheaper to produce than standard character or infographic style animated videos.


#3 Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard explainer videos have exploded in popularity over the last few years and everyone has been getting involved. These involve either a real person or a simulation drawing the imagery to illustrate what the voice over is saying throughout the video.

Whiteboard videos are very versatile and can be used for sales videos, educational videos or discussion topics in general.

They are very popular and get a lot of shares, they are also generally slightly cheaper to produce than infographic and character animation, but more expensive to produce than kinetic typography.




  • There are some very talented people out there who can produce whiteboard animation videos (us included!)
  • It might be slightly more difficult to do this yourself unless you have advanced skills with animation and/or drawing
  • We have found that whiteboard animations with colour deliver a much better ROI than whiteboard videos in just black and white
  • Make sure you don’t cram too much animation into the video as it can make it difficult for the drawing to keep up with animation (transitions are generally longer in these videos)
  • Pay attention to the smaller details, for example some whiteboard explainer videos incorporate the company’s branding on the pen that is drawing the illustrations

#4 Infographic Animation

Infographic animation offers a captivating way to illustrate data and information. It is better suited to the B2B industry but can work very well for explainer videos that are teaching something to people.

Infographic style animation is slightly more difficult and expensive to produce than whiteboard explainer videos but has been found to deliver outstanding ROI. It includes graphical animations that move and transition as the video talks the user through the information.



  • Use graphical style animations such as pie charts and graphs
  • Make statistical data popup and come alive in large font
  • Creative transitions must be used to keep the viewer entertained while they learn
  • It is good to use elements of fun or character style animation too


#5 Character Animation

Probably the most popular and one of the most effective types of demo video, character animation has been found to deliver great ROI. It can be used for business, products, services, apps or events.

Character animation is the same as infographic in terms of cost and difficulty to produce. It involves the use of characters in certain settings to illustrate the voice over and usually includes background music.

A very effective way to leverage character animation is to tell a story that arouses the interest of the viewer, keeping them entertained but also delivering your important message within the story.

See the video we made below for Acorns Children’s Hospice for a perfect example…


  • Tell a story, don’t just talk about your company or product
  • If it is entertaining, people will watch until the end and be more inclined to share your video
  • Make sure the style of the animation and colouring matches your branding
  • Background music can have a huge effect on the tone of the video in the mind of the viewer


#6 3D Animation

There are 2 main types of 3D demo videos:

  1. 3D Product Demonstrations: These are usually tailored more to demonstrating complicated products. For example, they might be used in the B2B manufacturing industry.
  2. 3D Cartoon Animations: These are tailored more towards B2C (but can be B2B) and are more entertaining and focussed on telling a story.

3D animation can be very difficult and expensive to produce, but these videos can deliver phenomenal ROI if used in the right circumstances. If you have complicated or specialist products to show, 3D animation can be perfect, where 2D might not show everything that you need.

If you are a larger company with a big marketing budget, 3D animation can be very effective on a B2C level as it almost makes a movie out of your explainer video, perfect for TV adverts or larger campaigns.



  • Only go for 3D animation if you have a large budget
  • It can take a very long time to produc0e and get right
  • If you have a complicated or innovative physical product to demonstrate, 3D could be perfect for you
  • Make sure your voice over and music are perfect and consistent with the video to maximise the ROI on your large investment


#7 IOS Demo

If your video is for the IOS app store then there are some special considerations that need to be made. The video will be hosted within widgets on the apple operating system. They can be made for free using software such as iMovie, or outsourced to a production agency.

They usually demonstrate use of the app, as if someone was on their phone or tablet using it, as well as animated scenes to demonstrate the benefits.


  • Use tools to record the use of the app such as iPhone Simulators
  • Keep it short, people are going to be quickly browsing app stores and stumbling across your video, don’t expect them to watch for more than roughly 90 seconds
  • Don’t just use it on your app page in app stores, host it on your website and social media
  • Think about producing a longer version for your website and social media channels


#8 Music Based


Not every demo video has to have a voice over, as we mentioned earlier, you could use subtitles. But some of the most effective videos have no voice over or subtitles. Similarly to typography videos, this will mostly use animated text and visuals.

This Apple video blew up recently on social media, and perfectly demonstrates how music based demo videos can be super effective. Notice how the fast pace and unique transitions between scenes arouse interest and make the video a captivating watch.


  • The animation must include a lot of text to animate what’s going on in the video
  • Music must be unique and captivating, preferably exclusive to your video
  • The transitions must be effective and enticing
  • Annotations are encouraged and should be large and exaggerated in the animation of the video


#9 Live Action

Another type of demo video which can be expensive if outsourced, but can be done yourself if you have good equipment and video editing skills. These types of videos can be used for a wide range of startups. For example, if you own a specialist premium coffee shop, why have an animated video about coffee when you could film how the coffee is made.

Think of the Marks and Spencer adverts and how they present their food, it almost makes your mouth water seeing their food, and makes you more inclined to buy from them.



  • Incorporating elements of animation or screen capture can be effective to demonstrate your product, app or service
  • It is essential to use high quality equipment when filming
  • It is also essential to use good quality editing software
  • Transitions between scenes need to be smooth and compliment the voice over
  • Background music is not essential



Wrapping it all up…

By now you should have a good idea of the different types of demo videos available for apps. Whatever you do, whatever your budget and whatever your goals are… there should be a type to suit you.

For the lazy people… here’s the list of types and their benefits/uses:

  1. Screencast: Cheap, quick and easy, perfect for walkthroughs and support demos
  2. Kinetic Typography: Cheap and high impact, easy to produce
  3. Whiteboard Animation: Very popular and effective, slightly cheaper than infographic/character
  4. Infographic Animation: Very powerful and perfect for B2B or complicated data/information
  5. Character Animation: Very powerful and perfect for B2C or telling a story
  6. 3D Animation: Super effective but very expensive, perfect for big corporations and complicated products
  7. IOS Demo: Shorter and must meet certain criteria, perfect for apps on apple devices
  8. Music Based: Can be very potent but difficult to get right, perfect for powerful messages
  9. Live Action: Very versatile and effective, perfect for food or beverage companies

This is by no means an extensive list and you can combine elements and techniques, get creative to come up with your own style of video to resonate with your potential clients.

If you pick the right type of demo video for your startup, and make it good quality, then you can expect to:

  • Improve your SEO
  • Generate more sales
  • Increase brand value
  • Increase your social media following
  • Get more app downloads
  • Improve stakeholder knowledge of your business or organisation

If you want to learn more or have any questions at all, just send us an email at and we would be happy to offer some free advice.

If you would like to have us produce an explainer video for your startup you can also contact or visit our homepage and sign up for 15% off your first video with us.

Everyone Wants a Business Video, But Not Everyone Can Make a Business Video



Everyone wants to reap the rewards of having a business video, but not anyone can make them, or better said, make a high-quality video. Your video needs to match your overall marketing strategy and business objectives.

Are you daring enough to create your own video without experience? That’s brave! But read on before doing so…


Video Content Is: Vital In Today’s World!

When thinking of ‘old school’ marketing campaigns, video doesn’t tend to rank high, BUT it certainly does now! Video is THE essential tool for any marketer that wants to truly bolster their content strategy.

Not a big company with a small marketing budget? Doesn’t matter, explainer videos are great for small, medium and large business, and everyone is starting to take advantage. You can make an ad-hoc video for a marketing campaign or even produce multiple videos throughout the year to improve your SEO, brand awareness and increase your conversions!

BUT to make an explainer video which is potent, highly converting and visually appealing, you need a professional team, capable of producing each important aspect of your explainer video.

Hmmm… maybe you’re thinking…


“What About Home-Made Videos?”

Videos can be made and placed on all types of social media, so you might be thinking about an Instagram video, or a Snapchat video…But this is VERY different to a high-quality explainer video campaign! You will feel the heat in the kitchen and you need a professional team that can create a quality script, concise voice over, quality story-board and flowing animation.



4 Key Benefits a Professional Explainer Video Company Will Offer

If you want high-quality, engaging, converting and original video content for your marketing campaign that speaks directly to your audience, then a professional explainer video company is the right choice for you and your business!

Get your FREE script and Sales Copy Guide today at


  1. Professionalism


The differences between a professional job and a home-made job are noticeable with any piece of work usually, right? With an explainer video, you will notice this in every single detail, from the script, voice-over, story-board, transitions to the animation itself and the finished product.

Here at Platinum Videos we are always prepared to create high quality video content that will dazzle your audience and achieve your marketing goals. STOP producing videos for the sake of it, make them fit in with your business objectives!

Now, it’s all about the…


  1. Creativity

All companies have different unique selling points, goals, expectations and budgets. We work with a variety. This pushes us to be innovative, finding new ways to create engaging content and context in every video we make. We like to think of ourselves as expert story tellers, we will find a powerful way to convey your businesses story to your audience.


  1. Team

Without a great team, it is difficult to produce great results. Your expectations are very important to us and we work to exceed them on every project. We want your audience to be just as passionate and excitable about your business as you are. So, we get passionate to make it happen!


Now the most important part…


  1. Cost-Effectiveness

Would you really take the risk of creating a home-made video? Don’t jeopardise your brands image and message. Your explainer video is a representation of your service or Solution.

Our packages are competitive and will be cost-efficient compared to the poor alternative of home-made creation.

Why not have your business video created by professionals?

This is the best way to ensure your video will put your business in a shining light and convey your business story in the most positive and engaging way.

You really should consider it!


We have a FREE script and Sales Copy Guide available on our website, this will help you when thinking about your explainer video!

If you have any questions or hesitations, please drop us an email at or give us a call on 07501093215.

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The 7 Best Explainer Videos Ever Made

Video on Mobile

Producing, or hiring someone to produce an explainer video can be a difficult process. It’s important to get it right as an explainer video can be such a powerful investment for your marketing arsenal.

If you’re hiring an agency with a proven track record, then you don’t have to worry. However, you may want to have more involvement in the production process and style of the video.

For those of you that want to know what makes an explainer video succeed, we have put together 7 of the best explainer videos ever made to help inspire some ideas and demonstrate the different techniques you can use.


#1 Apple – iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in 107 seconds

Now I know that everyone knows Apple is one of the best companies in the world at marketing their products. But this year, they mixed it up a little. They used a mostly typography based explainer video with very simple graphics to make a powerful video that was shared by millions all over the world.

The crazy part is, this video could have been produced by a teenager in their bedroom on very basic software. It’s the clever use of subtle messages, fast transitions and powerful music that made this video an instant hit.


#2 What is Dropbox?

Another one of the larger companies championing the use of explainer videos is Dropbox. The success of this video was down to one key point.

The video is 100% consistent with their branding. Check their website, marketing materials, app, logo and the animation in the video if you don’t believe me.

As we mentioned in our 5 Insider Tips for the Perfect Video Marketing Campaign, keeping your video consistent with your brand is crucial.


#3 What is Pinterest?

Another big advocate of explainer videos and powerful tech company is Pinterest. Note that you often don’t notice the background music in an explainer video. But watch one without it, and the video will often seem hollow and dull.

The light-hearted music used in this video sets a nice relaxing tone for the video, making it more pleasant and easy to watch.


#4 Spotify

Notice the similarity between this video and the Apple one at the start. The fast paced music and transitions can really excite the viewer and change their mood.

Obviously, it depends on your business, clients and what you want to achieve from the video, but fast paced music and transitions can be a very powerful, and often overlooked tool.


#5 Adoddle PM

This video makes use of a range of techniques. But what makes it so effective is the use of 3d effects. 3d animation is becoming more and more popular in all areas of business and technology, and that’s no different in explainer videos.

It’s easy to see why, when you watch the video below.


#6 NextGlass

The video below uses infographic style animation. Infographic style is perfect for explainer videos for apps, as well as a wide range of businesses and services.

It uses attractive graphics and colours to demonstrate what is being said in the voice over and keeps it simple.

Infographic animation is one of our favourite styles of video and one of the most effective in terms of ROI.


#7 – Our Blades Are F***ing Great

Last but most definitely not least, we have the Dollar Shave Club. One thing to notice, is that this is a live action video. Live action videos can be a lot more effective for physical product companies, and services such as restaurants and coffee shops.

But what really stands out, is the humour in this video. On the surface, you see live action, a guy in business wear, you might expect a corporate video. But Dollar Shave Club shocked their audience by not taking themselves too seriously and providing a very entertaining video.

Humour was their way of being original and unique, making the video a lot more entertaining and likely to go viral …

Which earned it almost 24 million views!



5 Scientific Reasons Online Video Engages with Website Viewers

We all know and see the obvious differences between video and text, that’s not rocket science. But did you know that from the second you start watching a marketing video, you are triggering chemical reactions throughout your brain and body that text alone could never achieve?

Here’s 5 scientific reasons that online video connects with viewers;


1. Memory Storage

Your ‘long term memory bank’ is the area in the brain which stores visuals, this is simply because it has more room than your ‘short-term memory bank’. This way your viewer is more likely to remember your business video further down the line, rather than your competitors dull sales copy!

Basically, when the viewer is ready to decide on whether to buy the product/service you offer, you want your video to be stuck in their mind and not the noisy neighbour’s website. So, remember, video sells better than text!




2. Processing Speed

So not only do visuals last longer, amazingly, visuals are processed 60,000 times quicker than text… No brainer?

Based on this fact you can pack so much more content into video than text and not have to worry about the viewer falling asleep or skim reading 90% of it, their brains can handle the visual workload.

Having said this, don’t push the viewers brain too hard, we all have our breaking points! Your explainer video is designed to tell your businesses story, not send them for an early night, make it easy to watch.


3. Processing Location

Ok, so visuals are processed faster, but how does that better connect with the viewer’s emotions?

In the brain, emotions are processed in the medial temporal lobe, the same place visual memory is encoded. So, hitting a nerve, in a good way, is a lot easier when using an explainer video.

Here at Platinum Videos, we love creating explainer videos for our clients that are going to make a positive impact on sales and marketing. But we also realise that not only will your viewers be processing the information very quickly, they will also connect with your businesses story on an emotional level, just like any other TV add you have watched. (maybe not some of them, but we won’t name names!) That’s why the story to us is very important, we like to evoke emotion and connect.

Go to to download our FREE script/sales copy builder today and claim 15% off your first explainer video!


4. Great Connectivity

40% of nerve fibres in the brain are connected to the retina. Imagine motorways with lorries loaded with information flowing from your eyes to your brain cells. That’s your businesses story flying into your site viewer’s brain.



5. Visual Learning

That motorway of information is a big reason why 90% of all information that comes to the brain is visual. Not a lot of room left for none visual is there? This probably goes a long way to explaining why an estimated 65% of us humans are considered “visual learners”.

If 65% of people are visual learners, then as businesses, we should be delivering our messages using visuals, explainer videos are the best way to do this.


To conclude…

You should be using video and it obviously needs to be an essential part of your business. This shouldn’t just stop at your homepage; explainer videos should span across your customers entire buying journey.

So, if you haven’t yet made a video for your business, you know what to do! Grab 15% off your first explainer video at today!

5 Insider Tips for the Perfect Video Marketing Campaign



Here’s the big misconception…

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that video marketing is not important. Or some think that you can just produce a video and put it on your Youtube channel and expect results.

This is not the case. Video marketing is the future of marketing and it is happening now. If you start 2017 with a strong video marketing campaign, chances are you are going to blow your competitors out of the water.
However, if you don’t, chances are one of your competitors are going to blow YOU out of the water.

Luckily, video marketing isn’t rocket science, and with these 5 simple tips you can be sure that you are ahead of 80% of your industry in terms of video marketing.

Let’s look at each one in turn…

1. Educate, Don’t Sell!

Well not exactly, the video’s main job is to sell your products and services. But to do this effectively you need to educate the customer. If you can teach them something relevant to your industry, they will automatically consider you an authority and trust your company, making them want to buy from you!

Give your brand a story, make it stand out from all the sales jargon people see all day all over the internet. Target the emotive side of people’s decision making before you target their rational side.

2. The Script is Key

The key to any successful marketing video is the script. The script is what drives the voice over and animation. The voice over is the element which most connects with the viewer on a sub-conscious level and drives them to resonate with your brand.

Here’s some quick tips for the perfect script:

Keep it fun: Whether you are B2C or B2B, your main goal is keeping the attention of the viewer, this is getting more and more difficult as people’s attention spans shorten in the information age
Focus on them: Focus on the viewer, what you can do for them, what you can teach them, avoid bragging about yourself and your company
Build trust: Use facts and figures to demonstrate how you can deliver tangible results to your customers

(NOTE: Want to learn how to write the most potent script in minutes? Just download our FREE cheat sheet and infographic here – This is the formula we use at Platinum Videos for all our clients!)

Free Guide Demo

3. Get Sharing!

As we mentioned in the intro, don’t just upload your video to Youtube and ignore it. The more platforms you can host it on, the better!


• Vimeo
• Youtube
• Facebook
• Twitter
• Instagram
• Linkedin

But… Most Importantly:

Your Website! – It has been found that the most effective place to host a marketing video in terms of ROI is on your website. The top fold is best! But anywhere on your website will increase the video’s ROI tenfold compared to just hosting it on social media.

Channel Usage & Effectiveness

4. Produce Multiple Videos

Video marketing is most effective when used at multiple stages of your marketing funnel. Every video should be tweaked according to where the viewer is at in terms of your buying cycle.

Top of the Funnel: Videos are perfect for building awareness of your brand making them the ideal tool for pre-funnel marketing. Not only that, but they are incredibly effective at boosting CTRs.
Middle of the Funnel: This is where video marketing can make you a lot of money. You can use videos to build trust and credibility, educate your customers and encourage them to buy your products or services.
End of the Funnel: This is where video marketing can help to deliver outstanding customer satisfaction and have them coming back for more. Video FAQs, Walkthroughs, Demonstrations and guides are all super-effective ways of making your clients into brand evangelists in no time.

5. Keep your Branding Consistent

Last but not least, is to keep your branding consistent. Wherever the viewer sees your video, on a sub-conscious level they need to know that it came from you.

Branding consistency is very easy, but super important!

All you need to do is ensure that the video uses similar graphics, layout and colouring to your website and marketing materials. Also, having your logo prominent either; during, at the beginning and/or at the end of the video is very important.

Free Sales Copy Cheat Sheet

Just fill in your details on our homepage (in the contact box to the right of our video) to receive your free script building guide and sales copy cheat sheet to have you writing super potent sales copy in minutes!


Free Guide Demo


You now have everything you need to build a successful video marketing campaign. We hope you found this guide helpful and if you have any questions, just drop us an email at

BREXIT: How did they Win? (Video)

Last week, on the 23rd of June, one of the most important political decisions in our life-time was made, a decision that divided political parties, families, regions and the nation as a whole. When the result came through that the nation has decided to leave the EU, most people were shocked.

Many assumed that the remain campaign was going to win and there was nothing to worry about. What they forgot to consider was the increase in political participation in recent times with the rise of new technology and the internet.

The game hasn’t just changed in business, its changed in politics too. New tactics were used on both sides to gain exposure to and influence voters. What was one of the most powerful tools in the leave campaign’s arsenal?

Animated Explainer Videos.

Regardless of your political views, you have to admire the fact that the video above was a very smart and cost-effective move for the leave campaign and was one of the key drivers of voters switching from 50/50 to voting to leave the EU.

The remain campaign failed to capitalise on this new technique, and it cost them dearly. Don’t be afraid of new changes, embrace them. Read here about how we predicted Roy Hodgson’s inability to embrace change would cost England in the Euros.

You can read here about why these videos are so powerful. Thinking about getting a video for your business or campaign? Read here about all they key aspects of making an explainer video.

If you want to learn more or have a chat with us about how explainer videos could help you, visit to see some examples, read up and contact us.

England Team Ruined by Hodgson’s Refusal to Embrace Change?

As we all await the start of the tournament in France, many of us England fans cannot face the thought of crashing out before the knockout rounds… AGAIN.

Most of us are praying he starts Kane and Vardy alongside each other, but if you were in the hot seat, would you? Many Directors and influencers face the same kind of decisions daily, whether it is a tough budget decision, hiring a younger employee, is it too risky? He has no experience? Should I go with experience, the safe bet? Take Marcus Rashford for example, people say he shouldn’t be on the plane… But he’s pacey, skilful and exciting.

In the UK we seem to have a lot to say, but little action.

WEBSITES are boring, with little interaction for the viewer, people are left puzzled at what your business actually offers! So much text, but is anyone actually reading it? Are they engaged?

We make the solution. We are supplying our 90 second animated explainer videos at £500, a Euro 2016 special! Let’s embrace change together and not just talk about it!

Get in touch at

Or contact us on 07501093215

5 Factors to Consider Before Purchasing an Explainer Video

When purchasing an explainer video, prices can vary wildly from one agency to the next. It’s a jungle of features, packages, payment plans and bold claims. So how do you know if an agency is taking you for a ride? You may be offered a price that seems too good to be true, or one that seems a little pricey just for a video.

You might be considering whether to use an established and reputable agency, or just go to or a freelancer to save a few hundred pounds or dollars. Well here’s five factors to consider before making a decision, which could potentially save you thousands in the long-run.

1. Do you just want a video, or an all-round powerful marketing tool?

There are a number of uses and benefits of explainer videos. Too many to talk about. Check out our top 10 reasons for an explainer video here. Brands like Apple and Dropbox don’t hold back when investing in video marketing, and that’s because they know that video marketing can super-charge their online marketing by increasing sales, conversions, brand identity and SEO.

It comes down to how you want to position yourself as a company, do you want to be the Apple of your market, or do you want to be the cheap competitor always missing the buck from being too tight with their marketing budgets?

2. Do you want a bespoke and flexible service?

Many producers of explainer videos are able to offer cheaper services because they use easy-to-edit templates with little or no flexibility or customisation to cater for the individual needs of each project. If you want a simple video that looks like every other video, then you might as well purchase a video template yourself and hire a freelancer to customise it.

If you want a tailor-made, hand-crafted video that will be completely unique to you and blow your competition out of the water, then you should be looking at custom animation. Read here about how we recently got on with one of our customers and offered complete flexibility and support.

3. Do you want an all-inclusive package with no hidden charges or restrictions?

In order to reel you in, some companies will give an irresistible offer such as ‘explainer videos from £xxx’but what they avoid telling you is that this price is for a 30 second, templated, generic video where you will have to provide the script and/or voice-over. It might not offer the support necessary to implement the video most effectively onto your website or other marketing materials. They will likely offer few to no revisions on the video.

In reality, when all ‘extras’ that are actually necessities are included, you’re looking at a much higher price than the original offer, which could be 4 or 5x the advertised price. Remember to read the small print!

4. Do you want to earn trust?

A strong brand identity in any industry is built on trust. People are exposed to salesy videos all day every day in the internet age, and in seconds they will subconsciously decide if you are a cheesy sales person or a reputable company with valuable information on offer. If your video is of great quality, engaging and informative, people will feel engaged and attached to your brand.

This is where the real value of videos stands out and what separated the men from the boys in online video marketing. Your explainer video can be the tool in your marketing arsenal that demonstrates you as an authority in your industry.

5. Do you want the video to pay for itself 10x over?

When purchasing an explainer video, you are not just buying a video, you are investing in a proven marketing process that guarantees results. Make sure you get it right, and the cost will be insignificant in comparison to the direct and indirect returns in terms of new customers, increased sales and improved customer loyalty.

The old fashioned cliché ‘you get what you pay for’ rings to mind, but it is always right, especially in video marketing.

Want to learn more? Visit our homepage

The Top 10 Reasons Every Website Needs an Explainer Video

Man browsing tablet with coffee

1. Increase conversions, opt-ins and sales

First and foremost, the main goal of digital marketing is to get clients. Videos are the most powerful way to do it online. There are too many studies to list here that show just how effective videos are. But Crazy Egg recently found that a video at the top of their landing page increased sales by 64%.

2. Clarify and demonstrate your USP

It’s been proven countless times that people learn and retain information much better from an audio-visual experience than from reading. Video equals higher viewer retention. The information retained in one minute of online video is equal to about 1.8 million written words.

3. Connect better with customers and create more interest in your business

Videos create a personalised experience and humanise your brand in an engaging way. This creates an emotional response from the viewer and makes them feel connected with your brand. A video makes your website a fun place to visit, text makes it feel more like a chore.

Video on Mobile

4. Improve your SEO

Static content and text hurts your SEO. We could spend hours boring you with the facts about Google’s algorithms but the fact of the matter is, videos rank pages much higher on Google. A web page with a video is 50x more likely to rank on the first page of google. People stay on webpages longer that have videos, this also boosts your SEO. Furthermore, Youtube is the second biggest search engine on the internet, you can’t be on Youtube without videos.

5. Videos are 100% mobile friendly

The future is mobile, tablets, mobile phones, watches… what next!? Well the trend is clearly pointing towards the internet becoming more and more mobile for the foreseeable future. Videos are 100% mobile friendly on any device.


6. Going viral

Videos are the most sharable content available. Anyone can share a video on any different platform they like. If a video goes viral, you’ve hit the digital marketing jackpot. When was the last time you heard of a text article going viral? This can work wonders for your web traffic and turn a small start-up into a huge multi-national success in no time.

7. Improve your brand awareness

A video tells your story from person to person. There is no effort involved on the part of the viewer, unlike when they have to read through blocks of text. A video can show off your culture and brand equity by matching the style and colour schemes of your company and website. This engages an emotional response from the viewer, making them connect on a much deeper level to your business.


8. Less effort for the visitors

Online marketing 101 teaches that the call to action of your website, whether it be a sale, capturing an email address or following another link, should involve as little effort as possible on the part of the visitor. Reading through streams of text, following links and looking at images all involves much more effort than sitting back, relaxing and watching an entertaining video.

9. Increase website traffic

Videos generate more traffic, not only through the SEO and sharing as mentioned above. But through creating and increasing interest in your brand and products, services or app. Cisco found that by 2017, 70% of all global internet traffic will be through video.

10. Generate huge ROI

At the end of the day, all things considered, an animated explainer video can pay for itself 10 times over. It is a one-time investment that can sit on your website generating sales or interest for you without you having to be there. Google found that videos are 40% more cost effective than other marketing methods.

…Still reading? Congratulations! You’re one of the 1% of people that still reads to the end of long streams of text without watching a video.

No matter what business you are in, in this generation, you will rely heavily on your website/online presence to bring in revenue, or at least educate your target audience.

Many companies will spend £xxxx on a website, update posts regularly, add in pretty new images and sell their products. But how often do you go onto a website and have the time to read through it all?

“In 2000 the average attention span was 12 seconds, but this has now fallen to just eight. The goldfish is believed to be able to maintain a solid nine.”

You are faced with having to stand out, quicker than ever before. When you scroll down your news feed on Facebook, do you read more articles than watching video? I think we all know the answer.

This is what your targeted prospects do when they are searching for your products/services… We are creatures of habit.

You NEED a video which will explain your business concept, products, services and solutions in an engaging way. This is best way to educate your audience and ultimately influence them to buy.

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