Explainer Video Case Studies

Video: Postify – Recruitment made simple

“We are extremely happy with our new animated video. Dan and Mitch worked very hard to get this right for us and they delivered in a timely manner. A proactive approach and a high standard of professionalism from both them. We will definitely be using them again for another video, ***** 5 Star” – Sam Wilkinson, Director, Postify

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Postify are an online flat fee recruitment consultancy with a mission to bring down high recruitment fees and provide recruitment options for companies around the UK. With a unique approach to online recruitment, they offer their customers free and unlimited use of their award winning applicant tracking system.

Postify contacted the team here at Platinum Videos and we spoke about their goals, core business offerings and what that means to their clients.

Postify echoed many of our clients grievances, they have a great service which is obviously going to benefit many organisations and they have a high quality website… but there was something missing, something that gets through to people more clearly than anything else, something which educates the site viewer and potential client so they are 100% ready to buy and confident that it’s the right move.

We have designed a tailor made explainer video for Postify to erase their problems of educating their existing and potential clients, using a mix of infographic and character animation.

Anyone interested in Postify’s services can now find out all the key points and benefits in just over 60 seconds!

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New Video: Pivigo – Join the Data Science Revolution


Pivigo proudly connects data scientists and businesses together across the World, to harness the value and opportunities in data.

Pivigo host a marketplace which offers access to a data science workforce ready to work on projects anywhere, anytime, in any configuration. They also offer a science to data science programme, put simply every year Pivigo train analytical PhD scientists by exposing them to real-life data science projects through our programme S2DS (Science to Data Science); a five-week, intensive, virtual or residential training programme, and it’s the largest of its kind in Europe!

Our Challenge:

Was to create a video for Pivigo to show the benefits of using the Pivigo services. Pivigo have recently showcased the video at a large corporate event and plan to use the video on social media as part of their exciting marketing campaign for 2017.

We loved working on this project and are very happy to say that Pivigo love their finished product!

Get in touch with the team and I here at Platinum Videos to kick start your marketing campaign for 2017!

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Case Study: PiggyBank – A Responsible Short-Term Loan Provider Explained

PiggyBank are a responsible short-term loans provider, lending transparent and simple short term loans, payday loans and instalment loans from £100 to £1000 for new customers, and up to £1,500 for returning customers.

Looking for a short-term loan provider can be a scary and intimidating process for many people. PiggyBank wanted to show people that they offer a transparent service, putting you in control of your loan using their online loan calculator, choosing the amount you would like to borrow, over what term. The great thing about this is that you can use PiggyBank on any device, but most importantly, PiggyBank pride themselves on being a responsible lender.

Our Objective

Here at Platinum Videos, we wanted to put PiggyBank’s site viewers and clients at ease with an engaging explainer video which improves their overall experience of the loan process and develops their understanding of the service.

How We Did It

• We wanted to relate to PiggyBank’s current and prospected clients, we understood their needs and worries, we created a character which represented the client and placed the animated character in a homely study environment
• We wanted to take away the anxiousness that looking for a loan can bring by using a clear and professionally recorded voice over
• We chose an upbeat sound track which also helps to put the viewer at ease when thinking about such a sensitive subject
• We used footage from their website in the video to demonstrate how easy the service is to use
• We used the PiggyBank logo to build the credibility of their brand
• We included the warning message in each scene of the video to emphasise the importance of being a responsible loans provider.

Current Results

PiggyBank have since integrated the video onto their website and YouTube channel, we are very happy to see that after only two weeks of their video being live on YouTube, it has reach over 23,000 views.

This is the first video we have created for their parent company DJS Ltd and we look forward to a prolonged mutually beneficial relationship.

Here’s the testimonial we received from Ben Arhin, Business Development Manager at DJS Ltd:

Platinum videos were very easy to work with. We had been thinking about creating a video for a while and we pleased we chose to work with platinum videos. They understood what we wanted to achieve and they made changes quickly and efficiently. We are happy with the final result and we look forward to working with Mitch and Dan in the future.

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Case Study: Financial Library – Using Explainer Videos in the Financial Industry

Financial Library is a white paper, research and briefings distribution service that is designed to provide users with a quick and easy way of keeping ahead of business and market developments. They offer amazing value to financial professionals who want to share and receive valuable content, with coverage of all the top financial advisory firms in the UK.

Sometimes, services that provide tremendous value such as this can find it difficult to communicate it effectively to busy people who don’t have time to read a lot of text. For this reason, an explainer video would prove to be the perfect tool.

The Objective

To demonstrate the USP and benefits of Financial Library in a short and engaging way to busy financial professionals.

How We did it

• For this video we wanted to carefully strike the right balance between making the video engaging, and ensuring it appeals to financial professionals. We achieved that through the use of character animation in the setting of an office

• We also used a mix of infographic style animation throughout the video to maintain its credibility and professionalism

• We used a clear and professional voice over, ensuring that it wasn’t too plain or too extravagant for the aims of the video and the types of viewers it will receive

• We used client logos of Financial Library to help build credibility throughout the video which will help to encourage sales of the service

• We used footage of the website throughout the video to demonstrate practically the value of Financial Library

The Results

This is the second video we have produced for this particular client and they are delighted with the outcome. We have many more projects planned and look forward to a long, mutually beneficial relationship.

We strive to deliver above and beyond expectations with every project and every new client. We guarantee that our clients will be delighted to have worked with us and they often decide to invest in multiple explainer videos after working with Platinum Videos.

Do you have a project like this one, or would like some advice or to learn more? Visit our homepage at and contact us today!

Case Study: Incisive Media – Using Explainer Videos to build Credibility & Authority

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Platinum Videos were a pleasure to work with and understood our brief right from the initial call.

Who are they?

Born in 1994, Incisive Media have grown from a single B2B financial magazine to a global digital media business with offices on 3 continents, seeing them awarded with the coveted AOP Digital Publisher of the Year title twice!

Incisive Media are an award-winning B2B information and events business. Incisive Media’s customer base rely on them to deliver news, opinion and insight to inform critical business decisions; networking to engage them with industry peers and partners; and create marketing solutions to enable their business to perform.

The Challenge.

Incisive Media made it clear to us that they valued video content, and recognised the huge benefits animated explainer videos bring to the corporate world.

In a bid to grab the attention of their customers and prospected customers, we discussed video ideas regarding their effective online webinar solution. We decided together that the best way to engage their target audience would be an educational video which positions Incisive Media as an authority on the subject.

How we did it?

Consultation: The opening call enabled us to get to the bottom of what Incisive Media wanted to achieve by using an animated explainer video. This is where we started on our journey to bring the idea to life.

Script: The corporate B2B world can often be slightly dull and serious. We wanted to keep the corporate style in the script, detailing the key benefits of the Incisive Webinar solution, whilst using the voice over, animation and music to liven things up.

Audio: We used a UK male for the voice over that sounds upbeat, incorporating progressive/cheerful music to set the tone. This enabled us to keep the video running fluently while keeping the viewer engaged.

Story-Board: We provided Incisive Media with a story-board which broke down each scene of the video. We offer unlimited amendments at this stage to get it spot on for the animation that follows. We created a persona through animated characters which we felt best told the story for Incisive Media.

Each process from script to animation was completed efficiently and to a high standard with any changes being made very quickly

Animation: This is the fun part. We brought all the elements together to show how Incisive Media’s webinar solution really is a must have for any business!

Delivery and Support: Incisive Media are looking to use their new animated explainer video on their website and are excited to crack on and create more of the same videos with us here at PlatinumVideos.

Incisive Media look forward to working with Mitch, Dan and the rest of the team on future projects.

Case Study: The Sequal Trust – The Power of Explainer Videos for Charities

The Sequal Trust Logo[x_video_embed type=”16:9″][/x_video_embed]

The service provided by Platinum Videos couldn’t be beaten, actually turning out to be even better than anticipated!

Who are they?

The Sequal Trust are charity who provide support and financial assistance for disabled people who need specialist communications equipment. Endorsed by Stephen Hawking himself, The Sequal Trust strive to bridge the communications gap for disabled people and empower them to unlock their inner voice.

What did they want to achieve?

The main reason The Sequal Trust wanted an animated explainer video was to help reach out to the families of the people who needed them the most. However, this crucial and life-changing work couldn’t be achieved without the continued support of their generous donors, so they wanted the video to engage more people who might get involved with the charity in different ways.

How did we do it?

Consultation: We had a chat with The Sequal Trust to get to the heart of what they are trying to achieve and more importantly, how we can bring that to life!

They clearly took the time to thoroughly research our website information and listened to what we asked for.

Using our new found understanding and shared passion for their cause, we set upon a journey of handcrafting their tailor made video. This began with a script, which was written in a clear and engaging way, keeping in mind their target audience of people who might need their services.

Script: In order to make a sensitive subject more easy to understand and less daunting, we decided to tell the story of a fictional character called Sarah. Sarah was based on the typical kind of person who would have their lives changed by The Sequal Trust. People can watch the video and relate to Sarah, seeing first hand her journey to a happier future.

Audio: We chose a warm and friendly English voiceover to narrate Sarah’s story as if it was told by The Sequal Trust themselves. This was paired with some upbeat and calming music to set the tone of the video as one that is exciting but relaxing.

Storyboard: We then provided a storyboard to The Sequal Trust which showed each scene of the video in detail and allowed us to work closely with them to fine-tune the animation with unlimited revisions to get the perfect illustration of Sarah’s story.

Animation: Using the storyboard, we used cutting-edge animation to bring the storyboard to life. This was timed to match the script, voiceover and music in a way that demonstrated and engages the benefits and the important work of The Sequal Trust.

The results exceeded our hopes and we are absolutely delighted with the finished product.

Delivery & Support: We have supported The Sequal Trust to implement the video onto their website in a way that will engage people the most. Going forward, we are going to keep track of their video analytics and feedback to allow us to work together to optimise the ROI on the video and help The Sequal Trust to achieve their future goals.

The team couldn’t be more friendly and helpful and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to provide a very useful, exciting and valuable service.

If you are a charity or business looking to reach out to people in an exciting new way, please do not hesitate to check out our website and get in touch for a free consultation on how we can help you!