Case Study: Incisive Media – Using Explainer Videos to build Credibility & Authority

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Platinum Videos were a pleasure to work with and understood our brief right from the initial call.

Who are they?

Born in 1994, Incisive Media have grown from a single B2B financial magazine to a global digital media business with offices on 3 continents, seeing them awarded with the coveted AOP Digital Publisher of the Year title twice!

Incisive Media are an award-winning B2B information and events business. Incisive Media’s customer base rely on them to deliver news, opinion and insight to inform critical business decisions; networking to engage them with industry peers and partners; and create marketing solutions to enable their business to perform.

The Challenge.

Incisive Media made it clear to us that they valued video content, and recognised the huge benefits animated explainer videos bring to the corporate world.

In a bid to grab the attention of their customers and prospected customers, we discussed video ideas regarding their effective online webinar solution. We decided together that the best way to engage their target audience would be an educational video which positions Incisive Media as an authority on the subject.

How we did it?

Consultation: The opening call enabled us to get to the bottom of what Incisive Media wanted to achieve by using an animated explainer video. This is where we started on our journey to bring the idea to life.

Script: The corporate B2B world can often be slightly dull and serious. We wanted to keep the corporate style in the script, detailing the key benefits of the Incisive Webinar solution, whilst using the voice over, animation and music to liven things up.

Audio: We used a UK male for the voice over that sounds upbeat, incorporating progressive/cheerful music to set the tone. This enabled us to keep the video running fluently while keeping the viewer engaged.

Story-Board: We provided Incisive Media with a story-board which broke down each scene of the video. We offer unlimited amendments at this stage to get it spot on for the animation that follows. We created a persona through animated characters which we felt best told the story for Incisive Media.

Each process from script to animation was completed efficiently and to a high standard with any changes being made very quickly

Animation: This is the fun part. We brought all the elements together to show how Incisive Media’s webinar solution really is a must have for any business!

Delivery and Support: Incisive Media are looking to use their new animated explainer video on their website and are excited to crack on and create more of the same videos with us here at PlatinumVideos.

Incisive Media look forward to working with Mitch, Dan and the rest of the team on future projects.

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