5 Step Video Marketing for Startups on a Budget

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Introduction In today’s changing world, video is becoming more and more important. Thanks to social media, smartphones, busy people and dwindling attention spans, the modern Startup needs to capitalise on video marketing if they want to have an edge over their competition. Don’t worry though, video marketing doesn’t necessarily require a big budget… Here’s a simple 5 step process to … Read More

New Video: Pivigo – Join the Data Science Revolution

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  Pivigo proudly connects data scientists and businesses together across the World, to harness the value and opportunities in data. Pivigo host a marketplace which offers access to a data science workforce ready to work on projects anywhere, anytime, in any configuration. They also offer a science to data science programme, put simply every year Pivigo train analytical PhD scientists … Read More

3 Reasons your Startup needs a Whiteboard Animation Video

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Whiteboard Animation

Introduction Whiteboard animation videos are all the rage for startups at the moment, but why? Well, they say a picture speaks a 1000 words, but words and pictures aren’t mutually exclusive when it comes to digital marketing. Why not have both? You might be thinking, ‘yes but video production is too expensive’ or ‘I don’t have time do it myself’ … Read More

How to Make an Intro Video for your Startup for under £150

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Intro Video for Startup

A growing trend these days is the use of animated videos to support the marketing efforts of trendy new startups. There are millions out there and tons of different types to choose from. However, whilst we produce bespoke explainer videos and would always recommend paying for a premium service such as ours, we understand that sometimes it’s difficult to find … Read More

9 Unique Types of Demo Video for Startups

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Demo Video for Startups

So you’re thinking of using video content to help market your new startup?   Great! Demo videos for startups are one of the most powerful ways to launch a digital marketing campaign.  Choosing the right type of demo video to suit your startup is crucial and going to have a huge impact on how successful you are. We’ve put together … Read More

The 7 Best Explainer Videos Ever Made


Video on Mobile

Producing, or hiring someone to produce an explainer video can be a difficult process. It’s important to get it right as an explainer video can be such a powerful investment for your marketing arsenal. If you’re hiring an agency with a proven track record, then you don’t have to worry. However, you may want to have more involvement in the … Read More

5 Scientific Reasons Online Video Engages with Website Viewers



We all know and see the obvious differences between video and text, that’s not rocket science. But did you know that from the second you start watching a marketing video, you are triggering chemical reactions throughout your brain and body that text alone could never achieve? Here’s 5 scientific reasons that online video connects with viewers;   1. Memory Storage … Read More

5 Insider Tips for the Perfect Video Marketing Campaign



  Here’s the big misconception… A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that video marketing is not important. Or some think that you can just produce a video and put it on your Youtube channel and expect results. This is not the case. Video marketing is the future of marketing and it is happening now. If you start … Read More