5 Scientific Reasons Online Video Engages with Website Viewers

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We all know and see the obvious differences between video and text, that’s not rocket science. But did you know that from the second you start watching a marketing video, you are triggering chemical reactions throughout your brain and body that text alone could never achieve?

Here’s 5 scientific reasons that online video connects with viewers;


1. Memory Storage

Your ‘long term memory bank’ is the area in the brain which stores visuals, this is simply because it has more room than your ‘short-term memory bank’. This way your viewer is more likely to remember your business video further down the line, rather than your competitors dull sales copy!

Basically, when the viewer is ready to decide on whether to buy the product/service you offer, you want your video to be stuck in their mind and not the noisy neighbour’s website. So, remember, video sells better than text!




2. Processing Speed

So not only do visuals last longer, amazingly, visuals are processed 60,000 times quicker than text… No brainer?

Based on this fact you can pack so much more content into video than text and not have to worry about the viewer falling asleep or skim reading 90% of it, their brains can handle the visual workload.

Having said this, don’t push the viewers brain too hard, we all have our breaking points! Your explainer video is designed to tell your businesses story, not send them for an early night, make it easy to watch.


3. Processing Location

Ok, so visuals are processed faster, but how does that better connect with the viewer’s emotions?

In the brain, emotions are processed in the medial temporal lobe, the same place visual memory is encoded. So, hitting a nerve, in a good way, is a lot easier when using an explainer video.

Here at Platinum Videos, we love creating explainer videos for our clients that are going to make a positive impact on sales and marketing. But we also realise that not only will your viewers be processing the information very quickly, they will also connect with your businesses story on an emotional level, just like any other TV add you have watched. (maybe not some of them, but we won’t name names!) That’s why the story to us is very important, we like to evoke emotion and connect.

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4. Great Connectivity

40% of nerve fibres in the brain are connected to the retina. Imagine motorways with lorries loaded with information flowing from your eyes to your brain cells. That’s your businesses story flying into your site viewer’s brain.



5. Visual Learning

That motorway of information is a big reason why 90% of all information that comes to the brain is visual. Not a lot of room left for none visual is there? This probably goes a long way to explaining why an estimated 65% of us humans are considered “visual learners”.

If 65% of people are visual learners, then as businesses, we should be delivering our messages using visuals, explainer videos are the best way to do this.


To conclude…

You should be using video and it obviously needs to be an essential part of your business. This shouldn’t just stop at your homepage; explainer videos should span across your customers entire buying journey.

So, if you haven’t yet made a video for your business, you know what to do! Grab 15% off your first explainer video at http://platinumvideos.uk/ today!

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