3 Reasons your Startup needs a Whiteboard Animation Video

By January 4, 2017Demo Video for Startups
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Whiteboard animation videos are all the rage for startups at the moment, but why?

Well, they say a picture speaks a 1000 words, but words and pictures aren’t mutually exclusive when it comes to digital marketing. Why not have both?

You might be thinking, ‘yes but video production is too expensive’ or ‘I don’t have time do it myself’ but whiteboard animation can often be a lot quicker, easier and cheaper to produce than live action for infographic/character animation explainer videos.

If you want to learn more about the different options for demo videos for startups then we definitely recommend you read this post.

However, if you want to learn more specifically about whiteboard animation, we will discuss 3 reasons every startup should have one below…

Whiteboard Animation

#1 They are Super Compelling

Whiteboard animation has been scientifically found to encourage long-term memory retention when compared to presentations using other techniques. Not only that, but the cartoon visuals have been found to increase viewer interest and retention. In a world where attention spans are shortening, (thanks to internet, tv, social media, etc) this is a very powerful tool.

Some scientists argue that simpler images are more compelling to viewers because it takes less effort for the brain to process that information, which provides a strong argument for the use of whiteboard animation over more complex or detailed animation. If they are using less brain power to process the imagery, more brain power can be used to soak up the message being conveyed in the voice over.

Most whiteboard videos make use of a hand (real or virtual) drawing out the images as the narrative progresses. This takes the viewer on a natural journey, building suspense and keeping them naturally intrigued to find out more. It can make even the most boring stories seem like an engaging story which they want to finish before moving on.


#2 They are Cheap & Easy

As we touched on in the introduction, whiteboard videos can be a lot cheaper and easier to produce than some of the other types of demo videos.

There’s not much to say here really except you have a few options:

  • Outsource it – it should be cheaper than other styles of animation so keep that in mind when asking for quotes
  • Do it yourself – There are tutorial videos on YouTube, templates available on websites like videohive.com and online tools both free and paid which can be used for ‘drag and drop’ style production

It really depends on how bespoke and high quality you want your video to be. Remember, unless you have a very high quality microphone and clear voice, you might need to outsource your voice over.

You can learn more about the process of producing a whiteboard video as well as other options here.


#3 They Often go Viral

They appeal to everyone from all backgrounds, industries and walks of life. People feel compelled to share an informative and engaging whiteboard video if it is interesting to them and provides valuable information. They are often more shareable than infographic or character animations style videos because they are seen as new and quirky.

People might consider live action videos more appealing to the corporate world and character animation more appealing to B2C markets for example, but whiteboard videos have been found to suffer from no such pigeon holes in terms of who they appeal to.


Wrapping it all Up

Taking into account how engaging and likely to go viral whiteboard animation videos are, people are often surprised to discover that they are cheaper and easier to produce than infographic videos, character animation or live action.

However, those other styles do have their advantages and whiteboard animation is not as new and novel as it was a few years ago, so you should research carefully and consider your target customers before you decide to invest.

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