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Do you have an amazing product, service or app which could benefit millions of people but you are frustrated because it isn’t attracting the sales or attention it deserves?
Maybe there’s similar competitors in the market with huge advertising budgets and you’re anxious they will leave you behind.
Don’t panic. Explainer videos are a new tool that guarantee the perfect pitch every time without you even having to be there!
People want to be inspired, engaged and influenced. A platinum video will make your business go viral and blow your competitors out of the water.
Our international team of experts will develop the very best cutting-edge explainer videos using little-known methods and techniques that guarantee results…


Consultation .

Get to the core of what makes your business standout & how we will bring it to life.


Script .

Professional script writers who will pull psychological triggers that make people fall in love with your business.


Voice-over .

Studio quality professionals which will captivate the viewers’ attention and have them hanging on every word.


Storyboard .

A slide-show of the concepts of each scene allowing complete control and flexibility with our team’s advice to deliver the perfect animation.


Animation .

Cutting edge animation that will demonstrate your business in an engaging experience.


Delivery & Support .

Upon completion of your platinum video, we will offer unprecedented support and advice to deliver outstanding satisfaction.

Recent Work.

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The service provided by Platinum Videos couldn’t be beaten, even better than anticipated! They clearly took the time to thoroughly research our website. The results exceeded our hopes and we are absolutely delighted with the finished product. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to provide a very exciting and valuable service.Liz Downes, Charity Manager, The Sequal Trust.

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The Science.

• Internet video traffic will be 69% of all global consumer traffic by 2017 – Cisco
• People retain 58% more information from videos – SwitchVideo
• Videos convert on average 64% higher –
•Apps with videos get up to 30% more installs – Google
• Videos are 40% more cost-effective – Google

“In the future a lot of the content that people share will be video, and videos fit very well into our newsfeed” – Mark Zuckerberg

• Increase brand awareness from 32% to 65%Facebook.
• Boost purchase intent from 44% to 72%Facebook.
• Enhance recall from 47% to 74%Facebook.

So long story short, explainer videos will:

Save you money long-term
• Increase profit
Grow your business
• Improve your SEO ranking
• Improve your brand awareness and reputation

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